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Reno-versary & the Cast of Characters

This week we celebrated our 6 month “Reno-versary. So many exciting things are happening and it’s exciting to see the old house going back together. Tomorrow (Monday) the insulation is going in. All exterior walls will be insulated as well … Continue reading

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the whole truth

Most of the things I write about are the physical aspects of the old house. However there are so many decisions that have to be made design wise. I search Pinterest, I Google until I think Google might hate me, … Continue reading

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This morning at church I had a comment made to me “You are sure slow on your blog.” Ugh. Sometimes it’s a fine line between just writing to put something out there and actually having something to say.  I don’t … Continue reading

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who has a word for 2016? Have you thought of it lately? Have you practiced? I am.

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Its a sticky job

The downstair floors are oak. They were added in the 1960’s. They need a few repairs and they will be sanded and stained but overall they are good. The upstairs floors however are the original heart pine floors. I love … Continue reading

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and then there were few

The trees. oh the trees. So many huge, ugly, half dead, sick, covering up my front porch trees. Day 1 when we looked at the old house, my question was…..”The front trees are a non negotiable, if they cannot be … Continue reading

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Love and be loved

This post is about real life. My life is no different than anyone else’s. ThereĀ is always work to be done and not enough hours to do it in. We struggle with balance, relationships and responsibilities. Steve is out of town … Continue reading

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