What is your mission field?

What I do doesn’t count.

It’s so small it won’t really matter.

Do you ever wonder what your mission field is?

The definition of a Mission field is:

1. a specific task or duty assigned to a person or group of people.

2. a person’s vocation

3. a group of persons representing or working for a particular country, business, etc., in a foreign country.

Everyone’s mission field is different, however most of us might not believe that our everyday is the epicenter of God’s advancing kingdom. When we treat Jesus’ message as something cut off from the rhythms and routines of everyday life, we reduce it to abstract ideas that lack the power to actually change things.

We have the power to change things and to apart of something incredible. We, the people of Brick City Church have the opportunity to be apart of this mission field.

The Midtown Project

How can what I am doing today be tilted toward the healing hope and wholeness of a broken world? As you ponder this question, God is far more interested in our availability than our capability. We all have gifts to give.

Some have money

Some have time

Some have talents to share

Some can pray, pray and pray some more

Brick City Church is currently on the mission field.

We are raising money towards the Midtown Project.

We are creating partnerships with people who have the same vision.

According to the City of Ocala plan……..”Midtown is regarded, along with Downtown, as the vibrant center of the City, attracting and welcoming visitors from Ocala and the wider region to enjoy a wide variety of cultural, entertainment, dining, and recreation options for all ages. The area is the premier location in the region for artists and performers, and offers a range of activities, galleries, performance spaces, and events spanning the spectrum of interests from fine art to street art.”

What does this mean?

This means that our mission field has just gotten a whole lot broader and we at BCC, located in the heart of Midtown, GET TO be an intricate and important part of the process from beginning to end.

Until March 15th, there is a matching contribution for all giving up to $30,000. As of March 9th, we have raised $25,630.


Don’t wait.

Give now! Small or big, your gift is automatically doubled.

Your mission field awaits.

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The Announcement!




Our hope at Brick City Church (BCC) isn’t to “reinvent” church, but instead to recover a fresh sense that Jesus is brilliant, compelling, and that He has come to teach us how to live the best possible kind of life—the eternal kind of life—here and now. Our hope is that we can recover this fresh sense that faith is dynamic and alive: always moving, growing, challenging us and inviting us deeper into the life of God and His kingdom.

  • Our Vision refers to the world we’re partnering with God to bring about.
  • Our Intention refers to the way we’re bringing that world about.
  • Our Means refers to the values guiding how we do all of that.

As we entered the new year, BCC has been on a trajectory raising money and planning for a county wide initiative called the Midtown Project. For additional information at http://www.ocalafl.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=5211

This initiative has been exciting as we have continued to hope and dream. The dollars have continued to come in and as we sat around a church wide potluck dinner February 23rd, we were so excited to see and hear the exciting news of what is to come.

Potlucks are my favorite! The food alone makes me excited but as we prepared for this particular potluck, the promise of an announcement had a buzz flowing through the room. It was mentioned that there is a feeling of excitement in and around BCC.

Maybe it’s all the new families

Maybe it’s all the new things happening

Maybe it’s new staff

I don’t have an answer to what it is, but I might have a feeling who it is.

The potluck meeting began with Brad, our lead Pastor speaking about his most recent Sabbatical and how he is back and ready and excited to get started. Matt is the most recent addition to the staff at BCC and has brought a welcome relief and so much creative energy to the everyday workings of the church.

Brad Nelson
Matt, Jessica and Evie Overfelt

The next introduction was Rashad and Patrice Jones the owners of Big Lee’s BBQ.

Big Lee’s has been open since July 2014 and their business has grown so exponentially that the need for a Production Kitchen is greatly needed. While Rashad spoke with Ausley Construction about the possibility of building such a facility, Ken Ausley founding member of BCC, mentioned to Rashad the possibilities of buildings on the BCC current campus. This started conversations and the possibilities are more than possible.

Big Lee’s and BCC see the same vision

They want to see this part of our community come to life

They want to come together in a unique way

They want to see God’s hands all over this new venture

Rashad would like for their company to have more outlets, provide more careers to his employees and to add a new food truck to his fleet every quarter.

As Rashaad spoke of his wife and her dedication to their business, he mentioned that when its obvious God is leading the way,  they call it a  “God smile.”

You can read more about Big Lees BBQ on the website at http://www.mybigleesbbq.com

We are looking forward to seeing a lot of God Smiles!

Victory Academy is an Ocala based Jr. Kindergarten through 8th grade School. The school was started by Rodney and Cary Jones and currently resides at Southpoint Church.

Victory Academy began in  2012 with 8 children and a vision. It now enrolls 85 children and they have been waiting for an opportunity. An opportunity to build God’s kingdom and community. They are so excited for the ability to grow their school and relationships.

The church that is currently leasing space in the Brick City building has been able to purchase their own facility which will allow Victory Academy to renovate and create a space for their school. This renovation will include an entrance into the BCC building. This will encourage the use of shared space during the weekdays for VIctory Academy and for BCC on the weekends.

We are so excited to be embarking on this journey with Victory Academy.

For more information on Victory Academy, visit their website at http://www.victoryacademyocala.com

United is student ministry for middle school, high school and college-aged students. As this ministry has looked at middle and high schools, they have seen some gaps that, if filled, would truly widen the reach of our ministry is helping students grow in their personal relationships with God. They know if they want to reach the students that no one else is reaching, we have to do the things that no one else is doing. So, in response to that, we approach ministry from a very different perspective and aim much higher than is humanly possible.

Matt Overfelt, the Executive Pastor at BCC is the creator of United. As Matt sat in an Atlanta conference, surrounded by students, God spoke to him about how this is what it would look like in Marion County if students could be reached. Thousands upon thousands of youth are untouched and unreached for the gospel. One student at a time as United reaches into the schools relating to students.

Reaching the Lost ***************************** Discipling the Found

Brick City Church and United are going to become partners. Providing meeting space and serving together as we reach the students in Marion County.

You can read more about United here http://www.ocalaunited.us

God took each of these entities:

  1. Brick City Church
  2. Rashad and Patrice Jones/Big Lee’s BBQ
  3. Rodney and Cary Jones/Victory Academy
  4. United Student Ministries

and has brought us all together


I don’t believe that for one second.

God’s true and miraculous ways can be felt. Don’t you think that is what the excitement is all about?
It’s not about a building and what it can be.

It’s not about someone’s business plan.

It’s not about how many people we can seat on a Sunday morning.

It’s definitely about life change. It’s about a city block that can be the hub for this change. It’s about the spirit of unity and what that feels like.

Students need this life change

Families need this life change

The vision is huge and it’s way bigger than we are.

We are so excited that we GET TO be apart of it.

Come be a part!

Brick City Church meets Sunday mornings at 10am

The church is located at 343 NE 1st Ave in Ocala Florida.

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Bye Bye Social Media

I won’t and can’t say I’ve always honored the Lent season with sacrifice. As I have grown and matured in my faith, it’s not just a time to pick something and suffer through for 40 days, but it’s a time of sacrifice.

It’s a time of reflection and a time to grow.

Sunday’s sermon was about sacrifice. It’s definitely worth you time.

You can listen here


I can honestly say that I have no idea who or what I am supposed to sacrifice, but I DO KNOW that there is time spent on Facebook and Instagram that could be used for better things.

I will begin by giving up Social Media for the 40 days of Lent (February 26- April 9) and this will allow me to readjust this app on my phone that seems to take up way more time than it should.

Sacrifice is not giving something up but bringing a part of yourself near to God.

While I will not be on Social Media, it’s not about putting down the phone, which is still a real thing I will be seeking what I need to bring near to God

As we have spoken about the Lent Season in our family time, it’s already brought time together reading scripture to our time

I have invited a sweet friend to read the Enneagram book “the Road back to you” during this Lent Season. We both know we are a 2 on the Enneagram and we have seen that this number means something but we are not sure how to walk this road.

How do we become better?

How do we learn about ourselves to be better to those around us ?

I think that these things will hopefully point me in the way of sacrificial living.

Here I am Lord.

Use me as you will.

Here I am

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All because of a text

I lay here in the dark

It’s 2:30am


My cute hubs text went off at 1:00am

I rolled over and thought it was mine. Not because I frequent texting in the middle of the night but because my father in law is in the hospital and with each ding, no matter whose phone it is, it makes me think of him.

We live 2 1/2 hours away from the rest of the Kern family and in times like this, it’s difficult.

It’s hard to know we can’t just be there in 10 minutes

It’s hard to know that the sisters are handling the brunt of all the decisions and caring for Dad and his dog

It’s hard to not be right there.

To be able to walk the dog or sit by his bed .

It’s all just hard

The text?

It was random

But now I lay here wide awake

Do I get up?

Do I search for the NyQuil to go back to sleep?

It’s a big day tomorrow and I have book club tomorrow night.

I could go finish my taxes but who really wants to do that?

I think I’ll just pray

Do you mind I if pray through writing?

Father God,

As I lay here in the darkness I can feel your infinite grace. I can feel your peace, your love and your kindness. My mind wanders to my FIL Bill. He has had such a long and full life. What a hard worker he was. Now he is aged. He just seems so sad. It breaks my heart to see him sad and lacking the agility his body once had.

He falls and every time I wonder how he feels. Not just pain wise but his heart. I pray to you right this second to fill his heart with peace. Give him a feeling that he might not know what it is. A calmness. I don’t know how to pray for him. I feel helpless from so far away. I pray so hard for the sisters and for Steve. I pray for their strength. I pray for the knowledge in regards to the next days. I pray for comfort and for the peace to know how to proceed with dads care.

The last few weeks have been many people asking for prayer. Friends seeking guidance and time. The world we live in is hard. It’s confusing and there aren’t many clear answers but all I can do is point them to you.

You have the answers.

In Jesus name I pray,


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And then it was 35

I was 19 he was 21.

His sister and I attended a youth group together on Wednesday nights.

I was single and she had a brother

He sat at the restaurant/bar table as we entered. He was sitting with a very pregnant woman.

Why would I be meeting someone who was soon to be a daddy?

He stood up in his white pants and red striped button down shirt.

Dang he was tall

Most of my previous boyfriends were……. well slackers is the only word I can come up with.

No job

No car

Little ambition

I was looking for something else, that’s for dang sure. I was currently in Dental assisting school at the vocational school. I had zero college aspirations but knew I needed to further my education somehow.

He was in EMT school and getting ready to graduate and move on to the Fire Academy.

Coincidence that my Dad was a Lieutenant for the BFD (Bradenton Fire Department) and my brother was also on the Department?

This just seemed too easy but then there was that pregnant girl……..

His sister. The other sister.

He had brought his sister, the pregnant one to listen to the house band. Her husband was a firefighter too.

What in the world?

It felt right

We went out on our first date that Friday night, March 30, 1984

He took me to dinner and a movie in HIS CAR!

He was a gentleman

He had ambition

He loved his family

He was a keeper and today……February 9, 2020, we celebrate 35 years of marriage

We probably still shouldn’t be together but God had other plans for us

He had plans of love and a family

He had plans of abundance and security

He had plans of friends and a future.

I’m so grateful His plans are greater than mine

This weekend, we spend together. It doesn’t matter what we do or where we go.

Time together

Laughs and food

Some extra sweet times with friends who have been around forever is how we will spend this weekend

How blessed we truly are

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Epson Salt and a New Tub Tray

I don’t sit well

I like to stay moving and sometimes it’s move or sleep and not much in between.

Last week, I hurt my back and I didn’t have an option but to sit. It even hurt to sit so I laid down a lot. At the same time, my cute husband had the flu so we laid down together.

Not normal at all for us

How to stop a hurting back was my google search

The search and a recommendation brought an answer.

Epson Salt and a soak in the tub

Our Master bathroom tub is original to the old house. It was here long before the previous owners wrecked it.

Now it sits in all its beauty underneath the window.

It’s been painted a couple of times

Jack loves it!

Showers are faster

There’s no tub ring to clean

Good grief, I might have to actually rest for 30 minutes.

I filled up the tub with super hot water and added the Epson Salt.

I soaked up to my neck for 30 glorious minutes and then I soaked some more.

It was heavenly

The only thing missing was a place for my recent book and a cup of coffee.

The next day, when my back was better, I headed to the garage and searched through my wood scraps until I found enough to make a tub tray.

Now………I have everything I need to soak sometimes even when my back doesn’t hurt.

Have a fantastic Tuesday!


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January 2020 Accountability

This is not about you

Or you

Or you

It’s just my thoughts

It comes from experiences and conversations. It comes from time and living life.

2020 is my year to turn down the noise. It requires part of my brain that doesn’t work quite as well as the other half. It requires me to actually check in with myself and make sure things are going the way they should.

A few things I have pondered on…..this month of January 2020.

1. I am an extroverted introvert. I love to be around people and I think I am liked. But enough is enough. I can’t go non-stop. I can’t have plans more than a couple times a week or I start to fall apart. I need time alone to recharge and I need people at the same time. It sounds kind of selfish when I type it out but it is who I am and I will protect myself. I’ve done pretty good this month. A whole 26 days! Go me!!

2. I have a pretty small circle. I don’t trust well and I am cautious about who I bring into my circle. Recently I have felt the circle might still be too big. Turning down the noise will require conversations and restrictions. I don’t like it. I don’t like confrontation and I might have to throw up before it happens.

3. I live in a pool of guilt. I feel guilty for being happy. I feel guilty feeling sad. I feel guilty for the life I have. I feel guilty for _______________. Name it. I probably feel it. No one thinks these things. It’s all me. I’m working on taking those handcuffs off and letting myself out of jail.

4. I want those that I love to know I love them. I am interested in you. I want to know your love language so that I can fill your love tank. I’m working on this one. BIG TIME.

Kolbe BRYANT died today. Along with his teenage daughter. Even celebrities don’t know the day they will take their last breath. No one knows the day they will meet their maker. No one knows when they will stand at the feet of Jesus and account for our lives. So many loved ones have gone before us just this month. So many friends are grieving.

I don’t know who reads my words. It might be many and it might be few but we have a responsibility to speak Jesus in front of everyone. I don’t want to stand before Jesus and have to explain why I kept silent.

Do you?

I read the note below today. I wish I could text my Dad today.

Have a fantastic week,


Today, I hope you remember to…

Dance in the kitchen.

Laugh over pizza.

Cuddle on the couch.

Invite people over.

Leave the mess.

Hold your babies.

Kiss your husband.

Tell your wife she’s beautiful.

Text your dad.

Call your momma.

Show up for your friends.

Be kind to strangers.

Share your favorite joke.

Remember old stories.

Say your prayers.

Express your gratitude.

Write in your journal.

Read in the Good Book.

Breathe in the moment.

Let go of hate.

Hold onto joy.

Help the hurting.

Give a little more.

Worry a little less.

Love a lot harder.

Don’t take any of it for granted.

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