The Basement Apartment Living Room

The basement/apartment needed a place for rest, for reading, for watching TV and anything in between. Nothing is big so I needed to create all this in approximately a 6’ x 8’ space

I knew I wanted an entertainment cabinet. The wall it would be on was a very specific size. I kept my eyes peeled at the Interfaith Thrift store and one day landed on the perfect piece. It was UGLY but changing ugly is my specialty.

I removed the top drawer and framed it in. This made a space so that design wise it could be a little different. Add a basket, stack books, whatever. The space was also going to mimic the rest of of our home. Lots of white, black and wood. I wanted to call it “farmhouse cottage.” You’ll see where the cottage comes in tomorrow.

Painted black


I added some very discreet handles I found in the hoard and it’s done

With the discount from the Interfaith Thrift store, I think I paid $15 and the rest of the stuff I already had.

The next step was seating. This was the hardest part by far.

I really wanted a couch.

I REALLY wanted a sleeper couch so that more than one guest could sleep if necessary.

I searched for a loveseat

I searched for a futon

I searched for an extended chair that pulled out

It was ridiculous how much I searched. Everything was just too dang big.

So I stopped stopped searching and one day, as I perused Pier One I sat down to rest my feet.

I sat in the most glorious, comfortable, velvet, perfect color gray chair and I knew immediately it was THE chair.

But because I can’t just buy it because it’s perfect….. I had to go home, shop the web and make sure I was getting the best deal, fret over wondering if it was the perfect purchase and then wonder if I waited too long and it would be gone.

I finally bought it and it was a great choice!

Now it needed a foot stool.

I had already purchased fabric for another project. More on that later too! I had a footstool hanging out in the hoard and I asked Mom if she would be willing to cover it for me. I wish I had a before picture but I don’t.

I added a fluffy rug.

I painted the cutest outdoor metal table which was originally teal and made it into a side table for the already perfect chair.

Some plants and a pillow were added.

The TV is on a swivel and extendable mount so that it can viewed from anywhere in the space.

The AC is currently having a cover made for it and hopefully it will be done this week.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. The living room in the basement apartment is cozy, practical and perfect in my opinion.

Tomorrow is the kitchen!

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Basement bar

The basement apartment needed a table or an island or BOTH.

When a person only has 266 sq ft to work with, you have to think outside the box

I found this piece at the Interfaith Thrift Store. It was the bottom half of a large buffet.

Solid Wood

Stanley furniture


Yes! I can make this work

I want it to have double, triple, even quadruple jobs

It needs to have storage ✔️

It needs to provide a space to sit and eat, or work, or watch TV or ? ✔️

It needs to match current decor ✔️

Since I didn’t get the top part of it, a counter would need to be built

The height needed to be perfect.

Many legs would sit under the “pretend”‘counter trying to determine the height. Short barstools? Taller barstools? Fat or skinny barstools?

So many options

But look at all the storage!!

Counter built

I spray painted the already cute hardware and put it back on

Even the back needed to be cute so I added wood trim to match

The top was stained to match and the doors were put back on

It was meant to be

The perfect size

The perfect piece

And even cute from the back

This week is all about the basement apartment.

I hope you will enjoy seeing all the details

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A Dresser for Carter

My sweet neighbors are having a baby boy.

“I’m looking for a dresser.” Lauren asked.

“I have one. But you will have to use your imagination.” I replied

It’s broken and needs a lot of love but it’s really old, really cool and has a solid marble top that would be perfect.

“I trust you” she said so I went to work .

I glued
I repaired
I sanded
I primed
(Always prime)

We picked out the prettiest shade of blue. Dixie Belle Dusty Blue

The hardware was put back on. We decided the original was perfect so all it needed was a little soap and water

Just for a little surprise, I added his sweet little name to the top drawer

It took a little imagination

Some elbow grease

And a lotta love, but baby Carter now has a place for his jammies.

Love you already sweet little boy 💙

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My Favorite Way to Decorate

I’m sure I’m not alone in what some do during quarantine. I have worked in the garage on a bedroom furniture renovation for weeks and weeks and ……… weeks. This schedule has my house suffering from dust and dirt neglect.

This week I prepared a schedule for myself. Work outside in the morning and clean/organize in the afternoon. If I have a checklist, I’m good to go.

Today was our guest suite located upstairs and off the kitchen, Better knows as Naked girls room.

As I enter this room, every single time, I smile. It’s my favorite room in the house. It has a cuteness I can’t describe. It hold memories and as I designed and decorated it, it has evolved and if I could describe my favorite design style, this is it.

As I stood on the bed to dust and clean
the windows, the shutters are one of my favorite things. Dad and I built these shutters together. They were one of the last things we built before he left for heaven. We are not professional builders so there is much trial and error. I can still hear the laughter as I treasure the memories.
Next to the shutters is a mirror with light sconces. This room is where my son stays when he visits. He is a veracious reader and student and I knew I wanted reading lights so that it was convenient for him. They have individual switches so that he does not have to get up to turn on or off a switch.
Across from the bed is the first piece of furniture I ever painted. It has traveled from house to house as we moved and now is a closet for this room. As I thrift and yard sale, this room hold most of my treasures. On top of the armoire is a very old bingo spinner. It holds little wooden balls stamped with numbers and as you spin the handle, the little ball rolls out. Jack and I play with this and he now knows that as the ball rolls out sometimes we yell “BINGO!” And the floor…….:well it’s my favorite
Next to the armoire is a desk area. I thought at first having a desk in the guest room was silly but during this quarantine, Steve has needed a quiet place to work and it has provided him the exact space he needs. This desk was a gift I painted for my sweet friend. She was unable to keep it when she moved due to space requirements so I took it back and it’s perfect. The chair was an end of the road pick up surprise. The wooden ladder is a favorite garage sale find.
The guest room (naked girls room) has a wall of shelves that Steve built after the renovation was complete. It holds many treasures. Some have meaning, some were garage sale finds and some are just plain silly. This sign was a gift from a woman I met during the house renovation. She used to live here and one day, she surprised me with this sign she made herself using lathe she retrieved from my garage. Just think, she didn’t know me, but she created something that is very dear to my heart. Her son actually used to live in this very room. Coincidence? No way.
In the top section of the wall unit stands chickens. The large chicken was a garage sale find but the small chicken was a gift. My sweet cousin/sister knew I wanted chickens and I have not been able to talk a certain person into letting me have them. She bought me this chicken so I could be a chicken mom at least to a fake chicken.
This shelf holds a vintage window that I bought from my friends shop. We were acquaintances then, and now we are friends. The blue truck looks just like my sweet red Lucy truck and held flowers from a dear friend at dads funeral. The firefighter statue was dads . It has an inscription on the front Vernon Locke
Bradenton Fire Department
This vintage truck sits up high. Jack wants it bad. It reminds me that I have friends that know me and think of me often. Thank you Shannon for paying attention.

This cleaning expedition did not intend to become a tour. But as I cleaned and straightened this room, the memories flooded my brain. This house hold so many things dear to my heart. Some vintage goodness, lots of love and an abundance of memories.

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I hope….

Yesterday was Easter 2020. It was definitely a different kind of Easter but Resurrection Sunday doesn’t stop because of COVID19. We rose early to get ready for church on the TV. Real clothes people! I put on a dress, curled my hair and added paint to my face. Jesus rose from the grave, I can at least look presentable in something other than paint splattered clothes or something resembling pajamas.

Some others in our home had some new clothes. We might all go to different churches but we all serve the same God.

Brad ended his message with I hope……

It made me start thinking about what I hope for as we travel this time.

This time of quarantine.

This time of living our lives different than what we are used to.

I hope……

That I can be a beacon of light to someone every single day. Whether it be with a kind word or an unexpected act of kindness. Everyone deals with trauma (yes, I think COVID 19 is a trauma) differently. Some may suffer in silence, others may spout words that are not kind or necessary, some might work more to numb the pain, some might act out. It’s not a contest who is right or wrong. God created us all different for a reason. So that we can lift up one another and support each other. Think about that the next time you want to respond to a family member or write a remark back from a Facebook post that just doesn’t quite sit with you. Just think about it

I hope……

My family knows how much I love them. I am not the physical touch person. I can hug the babies like nobody’s business but the adults………not so much. I might not share my love for them as often as I should. I tend to show though acts of service because that is my love language. I’m trying harder to show them through THEIR love languages how much they mean to me. We are apart from our son. We FaceTimed through lunch yesterday because he would have been here on Easter Sunday if it wasn’t for COVID19. We made the most of the time but as we started to say goodbye, he teared up. I started to cry. It’s hard to be away from the people you love. Even though we know this is necessary, it still sucks. FaceTime is a gift and we will be using it regularly from now until this mess is over. Don’t assume people know how you feel about them. TELL THEM OUT LOUD. Since we can’t hug right now, your words matter more than ever.

I hope……

I am using this time wisely. As I fasted social media for the 40 days of lent, I wanted to learn something. Did I? I learned that I can dang well read a book faster when there is no social media to interfere. I learned that I get a lot more work done when I can’t scroll for extended periods of time. I learned that I miss seeing what people are up to, but it’s not going to break me if I don’t see it. I learned that I really like to write on this blog. I like to share my heart and sometimes the projects that I’m working on. I learned that I don’t need social media. I like it……..but I don’t need it and I will create better boundaries for myself in regards to it from now on.

I hope……..

That you, my friends who are on the journey called life with me, know my heart. I hope you know that I am a Jesus loving, family girl who likes to find junk on the side of the road and turn ashes into beauty. I hope you know that my family means more to me than I could ever express. I hope you know that I love my friends. I hope you know that sometimes I hide when I’m sad but I will come back. Be patient with me and some of you…….you know who are can come over (after COVID19 is over) and slap me around and put me in my place when I’m out of line because I know that I can go there.

I hope…….

You never get tired of seeing my grand babies because here you go. Jack got his own wheelbarrow for Easter.

Easter 2020 is in the books but Jesus forever LIVES!

Stay home sweet friends.


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What is your mission field?

What I do doesn’t count.

It’s so small it won’t really matter.

Do you ever wonder what your mission field is?

The definition of a Mission field is:

1. a specific task or duty assigned to a person or group of people.

2. a person’s vocation

3. a group of persons representing or working for a particular country, business, etc., in a foreign country.

Everyone’s mission field is different, however most of us might not believe that our everyday is the epicenter of God’s advancing kingdom. When we treat Jesus’ message as something cut off from the rhythms and routines of everyday life, we reduce it to abstract ideas that lack the power to actually change things.

We have the power to change things and to apart of something incredible. We, the people of Brick City Church have the opportunity to be apart of this mission field.

The Midtown Project

How can what I am doing today be tilted toward the healing hope and wholeness of a broken world? As you ponder this question, God is far more interested in our availability than our capability. We all have gifts to give.

Some have money

Some have time

Some have talents to share

Some can pray, pray and pray some more

Brick City Church is currently on the mission field.

We are raising money towards the Midtown Project.

We are creating partnerships with people who have the same vision.

According to the City of Ocala plan……..”Midtown is regarded, along with Downtown, as the vibrant center of the City, attracting and welcoming visitors from Ocala and the wider region to enjoy a wide variety of cultural, entertainment, dining, and recreation options for all ages. The area is the premier location in the region for artists and performers, and offers a range of activities, galleries, performance spaces, and events spanning the spectrum of interests from fine art to street art.”

What does this mean?

This means that our mission field has just gotten a whole lot broader and we at BCC, located in the heart of Midtown, GET TO be an intricate and important part of the process from beginning to end.

Until March 15th, there is a matching contribution for all giving up to $30,000. As of March 9th, we have raised $25,630.


Don’t wait.

Give now! Small or big, your gift is automatically doubled.

Your mission field awaits.

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The Announcement!




Our hope at Brick City Church (BCC) isn’t to “reinvent” church, but instead to recover a fresh sense that Jesus is brilliant, compelling, and that He has come to teach us how to live the best possible kind of life—the eternal kind of life—here and now. Our hope is that we can recover this fresh sense that faith is dynamic and alive: always moving, growing, challenging us and inviting us deeper into the life of God and His kingdom.

  • Our Vision refers to the world we’re partnering with God to bring about.
  • Our Intention refers to the way we’re bringing that world about.
  • Our Means refers to the values guiding how we do all of that.

As we entered the new year, BCC has been on a trajectory raising money and planning for a county wide initiative called the Midtown Project. For additional information at

This initiative has been exciting as we have continued to hope and dream. The dollars have continued to come in and as we sat around a church wide potluck dinner February 23rd, we were so excited to see and hear the exciting news of what is to come.

Potlucks are my favorite! The food alone makes me excited but as we prepared for this particular potluck, the promise of an announcement had a buzz flowing through the room. It was mentioned that there is a feeling of excitement in and around BCC.

Maybe it’s all the new families

Maybe it’s all the new things happening

Maybe it’s new staff

I don’t have an answer to what it is, but I might have a feeling who it is.

The potluck meeting began with Brad, our lead Pastor speaking about his most recent Sabbatical and how he is back and ready and excited to get started. Matt is the most recent addition to the staff at BCC and has brought a welcome relief and so much creative energy to the everyday workings of the church.

Brad Nelson
Matt, Jessica and Evie Overfelt

The next introduction was Rashad and Patrice Jones the owners of Big Lee’s BBQ.

Big Lee’s has been open since July 2014 and their business has grown so exponentially that the need for a Production Kitchen is greatly needed. While Rashad spoke with Ausley Construction about the possibility of building such a facility, Ken Ausley founding member of BCC, mentioned to Rashad the possibilities of buildings on the BCC current campus. This started conversations and the possibilities are more than possible.

Big Lee’s and BCC see the same vision

They want to see this part of our community come to life

They want to come together in a unique way

They want to see God’s hands all over this new venture

Rashad would like for their company to have more outlets, provide more careers to his employees and to add a new food truck to his fleet every quarter.

As Rashaad spoke of his wife and her dedication to their business, he mentioned that when its obvious God is leading the way,  they call it a  “God smile.”

You can read more about Big Lees BBQ on the website at

We are looking forward to seeing a lot of God Smiles!

Victory Academy is an Ocala based Jr. Kindergarten through 8th grade School. The school was started by Rodney and Cary Jones and currently resides at Southpoint Church.

Victory Academy began in  2012 with 8 children and a vision. It now enrolls 85 children and they have been waiting for an opportunity. An opportunity to build God’s kingdom and community. They are so excited for the ability to grow their school and relationships.

The church that is currently leasing space in the Brick City building has been able to purchase their own facility which will allow Victory Academy to renovate and create a space for their school. This renovation will include an entrance into the BCC building. This will encourage the use of shared space during the weekdays for VIctory Academy and for BCC on the weekends.

We are so excited to be embarking on this journey with Victory Academy.

For more information on Victory Academy, visit their website at

United is student ministry for middle school, high school and college-aged students. As this ministry has looked at middle and high schools, they have seen some gaps that, if filled, would truly widen the reach of our ministry is helping students grow in their personal relationships with God. They know if they want to reach the students that no one else is reaching, we have to do the things that no one else is doing. So, in response to that, we approach ministry from a very different perspective and aim much higher than is humanly possible.

Matt Overfelt, the Executive Pastor at BCC is the creator of United. As Matt sat in an Atlanta conference, surrounded by students, God spoke to him about how this is what it would look like in Marion County if students could be reached. Thousands upon thousands of youth are untouched and unreached for the gospel. One student at a time as United reaches into the schools relating to students.

Reaching the Lost ***************************** Discipling the Found

Brick City Church and United are going to become partners. Providing meeting space and serving together as we reach the students in Marion County.

You can read more about United here

God took each of these entities:

  1. Brick City Church
  2. Rashad and Patrice Jones/Big Lee’s BBQ
  3. Rodney and Cary Jones/Victory Academy
  4. United Student Ministries

and has brought us all together


I don’t believe that for one second.

God’s true and miraculous ways can be felt. Don’t you think that is what the excitement is all about?
It’s not about a building and what it can be.

It’s not about someone’s business plan.

It’s not about how many people we can seat on a Sunday morning.

It’s definitely about life change. It’s about a city block that can be the hub for this change. It’s about the spirit of unity and what that feels like.

Students need this life change

Families need this life change

The vision is huge and it’s way bigger than we are.

We are so excited that we GET TO be apart of it.

Come be a part!

Brick City Church meets Sunday mornings at 10am

The church is located at 343 NE 1st Ave in Ocala Florida.

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