Fiordland, New Zealand

Sunday morning bright and early we loaded the bus for a 6 hour ride to Fiordland, New Zealand to cruise the Milford Sound. The bus as you can see offered roof windows so nothing was missed.

Milford Sound mapReal Journeys bus

We drove through Southland where the population is less than 100K to 6 million sheep. Thank you lamb chops, lamb burgers, lamb kabobs, fleece lined boots, Lambskin jackets, etc.

001 (2)

The scenery was spectacular but 6 hours in a long time! Boredom set in.

038 (2) 040 (2)

We had alot of stops on the way.

013 (3) 010 (3) 009 (3) 011 (3)

The cute little horse was not so cute. Came running over so excited to see me and then tried to bite me. Jerk.

021 (3)

027 (2) 031 (2) 026 (3) 025 (3) 024 (3)

We arrived in Fiordland around 3:30pm and began loading the boat at 4:3o. The boat we were on  held 64 passengers. We were issued our room keys, put our luggage in our rooms and the boat traveled the fiord for about an hour.

Ok so I thought a Fiord was a thing. Well it’s not, it’s a place.

A fiord is a glaciated valley – typically narrow and steep-sided – that has been flooded by the sea after the glacier’s retreat.  A sound, on the other hand, is a river valley flooded by the sea following a rise in sea levels or depression of the land, or a combination of both. Thank you again Wikipedia.

We boarded a tender and went out for a tour of the harbor. The weather was wet, wet and wetter and cold but without the rain there would be no waterfalls. I am not talking 1 waterfall but hundreds of waterfalls. There are only 4 permanent falls that still flow when it’s not raining but temporary falls pour water as long as the rain falls. It rains approximately 200 days a year in Fiordland and we were grateful for the rain. If you drive all the way to Fiordland, you want to see waterfalls. It is one of the most spectacular views I have ever seen. Here we go……waterfall overload.


This was our tender guide Michele.


This was our boat the Milford Mariner

065 069 076 082 092 095

We had dinner around 7 and sat with a couple from Germany who are now living in Singapore and another couple from Australia. The food was outstanding. The dessert was also a big hit.

The next morning we set sail around 8:00am.

The Mariner headed out to the Tasman Sea. 108107

The seas were pretty choppy. I was not disappointed to be heading back into the fiord. My stomach thanked the captain. 109 111
The pictures cant begin to describe how beautiful the scenery was on this journey. We docked again around 9:30 and got back on the bus for the 6 hour drive back to Queensland. We arrived back at our hotel around 4:00pm. I am feeling a little under the weather so we stayed in the rest of the evening.

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  1. Renee says:

    Bring that little horse back with you!!!! Loving your pictures! Missing you!


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