The Birthday girl

My mom is the most self-less person I know. She has always put everyone before herself. I believe that “helper” will be the descriptive word beside her name. She always made sure that I was taken care of and loved as a child. She has been supportive of me when I was a young mother, helping to guide me without over stepping. She is the most supportive wife to my Dad. I have told her many times, “You have created that monster, so you will have to live with him.” Yes, sometimes I mean it and sometimes I think she is the definition of wife/soul-mate/helper. She has sat at the beside of her siblings while they have suffered with sickness no one should have to endure. She has cared for them and been with them as they have entered into heaven. I cannot imagine a better gift to receive.

During our home renovation, she works beside Dad almost every day. The only days she is not there are the days that she keeps our household together. She does our laundry, she makes sure we have groceries, she feeds JR when we work too late at the house, she irons (the only reason I don’t look wrinkled), she makes dinner for us a couple nights a week so that drive-thru is not our only evening meal. We would be a mess without her.

Last week she had a big birthday. She turned the number after 79.

Friends gathered to celebrate her. This is what small group love looks like. She was surprised and she is loved. I think that’s a pretty great way to celebrate her.


I love this picture. My mom loves her family and her family loves her.

Kern-Locke family

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