Blanche and Will

Since buying our new/old house, we have met a few people that used to live there. We recently met Blanche and Bea, a mother and daughter duo. Blanche is 92 years young and according to her still married to Will who now lives in heaven. She wears is ring around her neck and is still very much in love.

Will and Blanche lived in our house in the 1940’s as a young married couple. Those who follow my blog will understand when I say they lived in Christmas Tree guy’s apartment upstairs. Later in the 1960’s Will and Blanche bought our house and brought their family to live there. They had 3 daughters and other varied family members that lived in the apartments.

Bea was born and raised in Ocala. She still likes to drive past our house just to see what’s going on. She was so sad to see it in such disrepair in recent years and when she saw work being done on it, she stopped by. Mom and Dad were working that day and Bea came in and introduced herself. She called her Mom, Blanche and said “You will never guess where I am.” A few weeks later Bea brought Blanche by and we were all able to meet.

I love when the house comes to life. They talked about Will and the updates he did on the house. Where he built the stairs so that people didn’t have to watch through their living room to get to their apartment. How he loved the paneling installed in many of the rooms. Oh Will……….They talked about Christmas and where they put the tree. They talked about Will building the garage and how he used to pour cement squares for the oil to drip on. The cement squares are still there and Bea is going to take them the next time she comes by. What a privilege it is to be able to give her a little piece of her Daddy.

I hope Bea and Blanche will let me take their picture next time they come over.


the girl with new family members


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