part of my heart

Today I attended a “New Small Group Host” training. Why did attend? I am the Assistant to the Small Groups Pastor at Church of Hope. I’m sure he didn’t “need” me to be there but administratively I think I help.

As people introduced themselves as we went around the table, they stated their names and why they wanted to “host” a new group. So many great answers!! I am super excited to get to know and assist these new hosts in taking their next steps. I am the last person to speak. I’m not a new host so what do I say? I’m there to pass out papers and make sure everyone knows how to log into the data base. I’m not there to share. But it gets to me and Rob looks over and says “Charma?”

“Oh hey! I’m Charma. I am a Hope staffer as well as Rob’s assistant for small groups. I have been a small group leader/host for 3 years. I love my small group, they are a piece of my heart.”

They are a piece of my heart? That statement has resinated with me all afternoon (except during my nap) and I have pondered over and over what that means.

I am a big personality, duh everyone knows that. I am loud and kind of bossy. I like lists and I am a get-er-done kind of girl. However what people don’t know is that I really don’t like to share about me. I can talk house and surface stuff but deep down and dirty. No thank you. Β And of course I cry…….a lot.

This morning one of my groupees came up today and told me about a candle that she had that we could use for the wedding. OK, so not a big deal….wrong. The candle might not be a big deal but this woman cared enough about me and my family to think about how she can help with the wedding. She doesn’t have to care but she does and her wanting to be a part of our lives by sharing her candle hit me straight in the heart today. She has a piece of my heart.

The stories go on and on.

The reason I say all this is because you shouldn’t miss out. You shouldn’t miss out on the relationships you will form with complete strangers. They won’t be strangers for long. They become friends and confidants. They are people that will be your favorites. They will hug you when you need to be hugged and tell you when you are being a jerk. They will pray for you and bring you dinner when life is hard. They will celebrate your biggest victories and cry with you during your hardest of life’s trials. They become your best friends and the ones you want to spend your free time with. My group includes biological families but that doesn’t really matter because I consider all of them family.

I will be praying for and helping the people in the picture below. I want them to experience Small Groups the way I have. You will be sharing a piece of your heart, I promise.



the girl who will be using the candle.

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