Lots of friends and family

Today was filled with friends.

Kelli surprised us with a visit today. She was my very VERY best friend all the way through elementary school and middle school. She practically lived at our house. She went on vacations with us. We were inseparable until high school came around and then stupid boys got in the way. Now 33 years later and much life passed, we meet again.

Kelli and her 2 beautiful daughters stopped off at the old house today. Her and her husband live in California and she has been following my blog. Her father and her brother live in Dunnellon and she was in town visiting.

Luckily enough, she messaged me yesterday and asked if she could stop by. Um, YES!!!!! I decided to let it be a surprise to Mom and Dad. Kelli was like a daughter to them. I think she might have even called them Mom and Dad a few times.


Lucky for me, I am a facebook stalker and found some pictures of Kelli’s daughters Megan and Tara. I am sure they appreciate me stealing pictures from FB for the blog. They are adorable and I am so grateful I was able to meet them.

Megan and Tara

Kelli, since I know you read the blog, let’s not make it 33 more years until we meet again. Thank you for thinking of us and wanting to come see the old house. It was a better day with you in it.

Then there’s these two……..Kate on the left and Charity on the right. Then there’s me in the middle.

kate and charity

They love us. They are family.

Charity texts me yesterday and says “What are you doing for dinner tomorrow night?”

Me thinking to myself “Work all day, sweat like a pig, hope to make it home and fall into bed, maybe popcorn for dinner?” But I really say “nothing, whatcha got in mind?”

Charity says “I was thinking about bringing you dinner.”

What????? That is like my #1 love language. Feed me.

So I tell Mom this morning, don’t worry about dinner, Charity is bringing us something to eat at 4:00. YEAH!!!!!

Work all day. Sweat like a pig. 4:00 comes and here they come. Kate and Charity and a car full of food. OH MY WORD. They brought a table, a tablecloth, shepherds pie, salad, homemade bread and dessert. It was so incredibly good and coming home with a full belly and not having to pop the popcorn was such a gift.

You know what the best part was?

Sitting with the girls, eating together and knowing that they love us like family. I don’t always tell people how much they mean to me but I hope that these two read this loud and clear. The Lockes and the Kern’s love us some Kate and Charity!!!


the girl ready for her pj’s on a Saturday night.


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