I just can’t wait

Do you ever get so excited to show something to someone that you just can’t wait? You jump around and scream just a little. Is it just me? Come on really?

Well if you won’t tell the truth, I will.

Here’s the back story…..

I knew I wanted slide together barn doors in our bedroom going into the bathroom. I could see it in my head. I know weird but whatever.

I wanted old doors but the size of the doorway was wonky and it was going to be long and difficult to find doors to fit. So the next best thing is to buy new (yuck) and make it look old.

First things first, find an inspiration picture. Gotta love Pinterest.

Here are the two I had settled on. I usually send my idea pictures to a few of my friends and wait for a reaction. My friends….ridiculously honest. Will tell me what they love and well, what they really don’t love. My friends were split right down the middle. A few were for the stained and a few, including me were for the chippy  white. Everything looks better in chippy white.


So the day finally came I would start on the doors. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining. I was in my paint splattered clothes and I got to work.

Here are the “new” doors. Plain, boring and not at all what I wanted but Lowes is my friend and ordered the exact size door we needed.


Step One: Find the appropriate stain to use for the first coat. Now, I have a large supply of paints and stains and there is nothing better than having what you need and you don’t need to purchase anything.

Step Two: Slop the stain on the door and wipe it off. Now remember I was going to add the paint as the top coat so the stain did not have to be pretty.


Step Three: Forget to take a picture of Step three. Add a darker stain to the first coat and wipe off but leave some of the darker stain inside the raised panel area and the creases.

Step Four: Leave the doors in the carport for weeks because you still can’t decided which treatment you like best. Stain or chippy white. Stain or chippy white. STAIN. OR. CHIPPY. WHITE.

Step Five: decide that they are perfect just as they are and then watch as your super cute and talented husband hang the “OH MY GOSH” prettiest doors ever. Look at that barndoor hardware. Love. Love Love. Sorry my pictures are pretty crappy.


I show you the close up so that all of you know that you do not have to have any skill to do this. Update: My part = no skill. Steve’s part = super skill! I promise you, it was slop it on and wipe it off. It’s that easy.


I am still looking for the perfect door hardware and Steve needs to finish adjusting so they close perfectly but I just couldn’t wait to show you.

You know I like most things old. This post proves that just because it’s new, doesn’t mean it has to look that way.


the girl going to bed early because tomorrow is CHURCH!!!!!



About Charmadawn

Jesus lover 💜 Wife of Steve for 36 years 💜 Mom to 2 grown kiddos 💜 BB to grandsons Jack, Luke and Patrick Joseph 💜5 years ago we purchased, Rescued and Restored a 118 year old farmhouse and we live together as a multigenerational household. Come follow our crazy. Isaiah 54:7
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