A Day in Waco

Steve and I are in Texas for a celebratory weekend. More on that later …..

As we planned our trip, Texas was the plan. As the plans progressed, I asked if we could spend a day in Waco.

As a fan of Fixer Upper, of course a trip to Magnolia would be amazing.

He said yes and today was the day.

The day started gloomy, a chill in the air with lots of clouds and zero sun.

We dressed appropriately and headed out. It was about an hour and a half drive from where we were staying in Arlington.

Turn on some music and enjoy the ride

The silos come into view.

I immediately get excited.

We are here!

Magnolia is directly in the middle of town located on about a half of a city block. There is not a lot of parking so we parked about 4 blocks away and walked.

The area around Magnolia is mostly industrial with a few businesses and restaurant scattered in.

I’m not sure exactly what I expected but it’s location surprised me. I think because of the silos, I didn’t think the location would be so close to town.

Steve asked what I wanted to do first. I wanted to walk. I wanted to take in the whole picture and then pick a place to start.

This is the entrance gate.

The sweet Salvation Army bell ringer greeted every single person wishing them a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

Immediate inside the gate and to your right is the Silos Bakery Co.

Immediately inside the gate and to your left is the Magnolia Market at the Silos.

We walked through the gate and saw the “miles to Magnolia” picture Place. Yes!! 1048 miles

We continue to walk the grounds and in the middle of the property, there was an area where families could just play. There were corn hole games and beanbag chairs so that families could spend time together and the kids could shake some of their sillies out if necessary.

Immediately across from the play area, under the silos, there is a raised area with picnic tables and if you look carefully, you can see the iconic Magnolia metal letters on the roof

I’m a sucker for old cars and trucks and there just happened to be one nearby

The first store we entered into was the Magnolia Seed and Supply.

Just walking the gardens to get to the store was enough for me. Everything is perfect.

The gardens are perfect

There was the cutest little teepee

And this little building…….I don’t know what it is or what’s it for but I want it.

Inside the store was cute but really small. It was totally Joanna Gaines. Forgive me, but I take pictures of the building and the decorations more than the things for sale

I often take pictures of beautiful brick floors.

And the light fixtures

And this wood. Oh my word.

I sent this greenhouse picture to Becky cause I know she wants one. It was beautiful. Employees only but I stuck my head in anyways

We we left Magnolia Seed, the area right outside is the food truck line up. The options are endless. There is Asian and traditional. There is grain fed burgers and chili cheese dogs. Coffee and coke in cute glass bottles.

The trucks circle the whole outside perimeter of the back of the lot.

In the area in front of trucks there are many different areas to sit. There are tented area with tables

There are beautiful benches with stunning planter boxes.

There is a large seating pavilion with many picnic tables. We ate lunch here later in the day

We headed to the Magnolia Market

We entered through beautiful huge sliding barn doors. There was a woman at the door greeting and counting as we entered. The front of the store is not large and I am sure there is a limit to how many bodies are allowed in.

There were bodies everywhere. People…..many many people. There wasn’t any shoving but honestly? Too many people for me.

I snapped some pictures of some of the things they were selling but traveling by plane, I knew my options were limited

The bottom half of the building was my favorite. It was converted from the grain barn. They have kept some of the original structure and it was so cool.

I bought a few keepsakes.

A coffee mug. Cause you know I like coffee.

Steve wanted a hat and the bag…..it’s my favorite.

I’m practical. I just can’t help it. The bag can be so useful and I knew I wanted it. It was a splurge and when the sweet girl was ringing me up, she asked if I knew the story of the bag.

I said no but I would love to hear it.

The bags are made in Bangladesh by women. Magnolia partners with them and the proceeds go towards the Bangladesh Project.

It was the perfect purchase.

We headed outside, the weather had turned BEAUTIFUL to have lunch and enjoy some afternoon sun.

One of my favorite things about Magnolia is their focus on family. They have obviously taken families with young children into consideration when planning and creating this empire.

Our society doesn’t have enough of playing outside with your kids.

The last and the best stop was the Silo Baking Co.

The Building was my favorite. Everything about it.

Even the line

The sweet girl hands you a menu and a pencil. You complete your order and wait to go inside

I loved the black and white sign

When you enter the building…. the subway tile, the black chairs and oh my gosh, the door to the bathroom was gorgeous!

The herringbone floor and even the ceiling

You walk to the counter and hand the young college students your menu card.

How do I know they are college students? Because they ask where we are from……every person.

We shared we are from Florida. So I ask her “where are you from?” She answers “I’m from Houston but I’m at Baylor University.” She is studying marketing and human relations. She’s doing a great job.

We travel down the counter and retrieve our order.

Perfect packaging.

We asked for a TO-Go since we had just had lunch.

We will enjoy our cupcakes tonight for a snack

Lemon and strawberry

We still enjoyed the perfect outdoor space available for the Silos Baking Co.

With one last walk around the grounds, our day at Magnolia was coming to a close.

It exceeded my expectations.

I was completely amazed at the vision the the Gaines family had. To see two giant rusty Silos in the middle of town and see the amazingness of the now “Magnolia” is astounding.

Kudos Chip and Joanna. The only thing better would have been to meet you in person.

Before traveling back to Arlington we made a pit stop at the Harp Design Co.

Such a sweet little store full of some beautiful handcrafted items

Fixer Upper fans:

Remember the house that Chip and Joanna renovated for the Harp Family?

It is immediately next door to the Harp Design Co.

Its so beautiful. I think I might need to watch that episode again.

Today was only day 1 of our Texas Celebration getaway.

What a great day 1!

I hope I was able to make you feel like you enjoyed just a small portion of Magnolia and Waco!

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Jesus lover 💜 Wife of Steve for 36 years 💜 Mom to 2 grown kiddos 💜 BB to grandsons Jack, Luke and Patrick Joseph 💜5 years ago we purchased, Rescued and Restored a 118 year old farmhouse and we live together as a multigenerational household. Come follow our crazy. Isaiah 54:7
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