Last year on this very day, I was a High School girls small group leader. For Christmas we gave the girls a key ring that was stamped Worthy. We wanted the girls to know that no matter what the world told them, they were worthy.

I needed to step away from leading the girls but this memory popped up on my Facebook feed today. It’s 4:06am and I’ve been awake for over an hour.

Around 2:30, a drink was needed so I made my way to the kitchen. Not paying attention I ran into the barstool and my baby toe is still throbbing. I’m assuming that’s my reason for the lack of sleeping. However it could have been this giant plate of food I consumed earlier tonight.

I see a nap in my afternoon.

I have been thinking a lot about my Saturday.

It began with a visit to the jail. I currently have a friend who is spending time there.

It doesn’t matter who and it doesn’t matter why. However I want to share with you why my visit was so profound.

We chit chatted about current events and the upcoming Christmas season. It’s hard to share so much fun when the time there is…….well not so fun.

They have a “store” called the canteen. They have the opportunity to purchase needed items. It’s strictly voluntary and they can receive money from the outside for them to use for canteen items. My friend has been blessed by family and friends with extra canteen money.

Her and a few others have decided to be a blessing to others with their abundance and create Christmas baskets full of canteen items for those who have zero money in their accounts. They will draw names and those chosen will receive a Christmas basket full of items from those who have more than they need.

As I write this it doesn’t seem like a big deal but listen……..some of the other inmates have nothing. They have absolutely nothing. They have no money and even less hope.

My friend, as hard as it is to spend Christmas in jail has found a way to spread Hope and love to those around her. She has chosen to show Jesus love through cookies and crackers and new socks to women whom might not know what that love is.

She has allowed her circumstances to feed into others and to allow them to know they are worthy. They are worthy of so much more than their current situation. They are worthy of Jesus love.

During this season, the last week before Christmas as we scramble to finish our shopping. As we attend party after party and stress over the lack of time and grasp for patience. I’m choosing to be more like my friend. I’m choosing to see those around me that might be struggling silently. I’m choosing to look around and see who might need a portion of my canteen.

Thank you my sweet friend who teaches me a lesson from the other side of the video screen.

We are singing What a Beautiful Name at church this morning. It’s one of my favorites. Take a listen and know you are His favorite.


It’s Sunday!

Let’s do this.

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Jesus lover πŸ’œ Wife of Steve for 36 years πŸ’œ Mom to 2 grown kiddos πŸ’œ BB to grandsons Jack, Luke and Patrick Joseph πŸ’œ5 years ago we purchased, Rescued and Restored a 118 year old farmhouse and we live together as a multigenerational household. Come follow our crazy. Isaiah 54:7
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