Such a Sad and a Happy Day

I am a chase car today.

I frequently follow Steve as he delivers fire trucks to its new owners.

This beauty is heading to West Sebring.

Seeing the shiny, brand new truck never gets old.

This particular truck has a custom mural on the doors.

As I drove for three hours, this morning brought news of the most recent mass shooting in California. Hours and hours of news.

News of 13 people losing their lives. Tears as I drive, as I think of parents learning that they will no longer have the opportunity to speak to their child.

News of a mother, who will forever be known as the mother of the shooter at the Borderline Bar and Grill. Remember, she is grieving too.

Listening, as we again, hear of a disaster in our country.

It is so hard not to get hard.

Hard hearted?


So many emotions.

However, this morning, as I took the dog outside, I open a package that was left on the porch last night.

I received a text last while I attended worship rehearsal:

“I left you something on your porch . I hope your doing wonderful . Have a great week .”

As I open the package, I see familiar. I see a stained piece of wood. I smile.

I pulled out a piece, from a dresser Dad and I restored and delivered last year.

The card read:


So many things that are so bad in our world.

But, there are so many good things.

A sweet lady that will take time and money from her own life to remember a girl and her Daddy.

A sweet lady that remembers that her piece was the last piece that a girl and her daddy worked on together.

As you struggle with all the bad news, remember there are such good people in our world.

People that are kind.

People that make you smile.

People that fill your heart with happiness

Remember to be that person.

About Charmadawn

Jesus lover πŸ’œ Wife of Steve for 36 years πŸ’œ Mom to 2 grown kiddos πŸ’œ BB to grandsons Jack, Luke and Patrick Joseph πŸ’œ5 years ago we purchased, Rescued and Restored a 118 year old farmhouse and we live together as a multigenerational household. Come follow our crazy. Isaiah 54:7
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