My Favorite Way to Decorate

I’m sure I’m not alone in what some do during quarantine. I have worked in the garage on a bedroom furniture renovation for weeks and weeks and ……… weeks. This schedule has my house suffering from dust and dirt neglect.

This week I prepared a schedule for myself. Work outside in the morning and clean/organize in the afternoon. If I have a checklist, I’m good to go.

Today was our guest suite located upstairs and off the kitchen, Better knows as Naked girls room.

As I enter this room, every single time, I smile. It’s my favorite room in the house. It has a cuteness I can’t describe. It hold memories and as I designed and decorated it, it has evolved and if I could describe my favorite design style, this is it.

As I stood on the bed to dust and clean
the windows, the shutters are one of my favorite things. Dad and I built these shutters together. They were one of the last things we built before he left for heaven. We are not professional builders so there is much trial and error. I can still hear the laughter as I treasure the memories.
Next to the shutters is a mirror with light sconces. This room is where my son stays when he visits. He is a veracious reader and student and I knew I wanted reading lights so that it was convenient for him. They have individual switches so that he does not have to get up to turn on or off a switch.
Across from the bed is the first piece of furniture I ever painted. It has traveled from house to house as we moved and now is a closet for this room. As I thrift and yard sale, this room hold most of my treasures. On top of the armoire is a very old bingo spinner. It holds little wooden balls stamped with numbers and as you spin the handle, the little ball rolls out. Jack and I play with this and he now knows that as the ball rolls out sometimes we yell “BINGO!” And the floor…….:well it’s my favorite
Next to the armoire is a desk area. I thought at first having a desk in the guest room was silly but during this quarantine, Steve has needed a quiet place to work and it has provided him the exact space he needs. This desk was a gift I painted for my sweet friend. She was unable to keep it when she moved due to space requirements so I took it back and it’s perfect. The chair was an end of the road pick up surprise. The wooden ladder is a favorite garage sale find.
The guest room (naked girls room) has a wall of shelves that Steve built after the renovation was complete. It holds many treasures. Some have meaning, some were garage sale finds and some are just plain silly. This sign was a gift from a woman I met during the house renovation. She used to live here and one day, she surprised me with this sign she made herself using lathe she retrieved from my garage. Just think, she didn’t know me, but she created something that is very dear to my heart. Her son actually used to live in this very room. Coincidence? No way.
In the top section of the wall unit stands chickens. The large chicken was a garage sale find but the small chicken was a gift. My sweet cousin/sister knew I wanted chickens and I have not been able to talk a certain person into letting me have them. She bought me this chicken so I could be a chicken mom at least to a fake chicken.
This shelf holds a vintage window that I bought from my friends shop. We were acquaintances then, and now we are friends. The blue truck looks just like my sweet red Lucy truck and held flowers from a dear friend at dads funeral. The firefighter statue was dads . It has an inscription on the front Vernon Locke
Bradenton Fire Department
This vintage truck sits up high. Jack wants it bad. It reminds me that I have friends that know me and think of me often. Thank you Shannon for paying attention.

This cleaning expedition did not intend to become a tour. But as I cleaned and straightened this room, the memories flooded my brain. This house hold so many things dear to my heart. Some vintage goodness, lots of love and an abundance of memories.

About Charmadawn

Jesus lover 💜 Wife of Steve for 36 years 💜 Mom to 2 grown kiddos 💜 BB to grandsons Jack, Luke and Patrick Joseph 💜5 years ago we purchased, Rescued and Restored a 118 year old farmhouse and we live together as a multigenerational household. Come follow our crazy. Isaiah 54:7
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