Today is my 58th birthday.

Last night we celebrated because today we leave for our annual camping trip to St Augustine. We sat around the dinner table with banana splits and a Happy Birthday choir from Bigs and Littles.

All I could do was smile. Luke and his “Happy Dirtday” was priceless.

I have a great life. A life full of a loving family, wonderful friends and so much to be thankful for. In Jacks words “BB, you have a birthday close to Jesus.”

What more could I ask for?

In recent months, people near and dear to my heart have left for heaven. In the prime of their lives. Prior to Holly leaving for heaven, I had a conversation with her high school friend Vanessa. Vanessa and I had met in Master Gardener School and had no idea we were both connected to Holly.

One day, I mentioned that I hoped after school was over, we wouldn’t lose touch with each other.

Her response was “No, girl, you are part of my inheritance. I’ve figured out that was one of the greatest gifts Holly left behind; she gave us each other ❤ .”

While I know 58 is not senior citizen status yet, it still makes me ponder my inheritance. Not money that I will be left. I tell Mom to spend her dang money and live life to the fullest.

When Steve and I got married, I inherited family. Sisters I never had.

I have inherited friends through relationships I’ve had with others. I inherited Becky through Glenn playing in the worship band.

See what I mean? The inheritances we have are NOT coincidental.

I have met women of all ages and personalities while sitting on my porch. I have inherited their families as well.

I have inherited the gift of generosity through people I have watched and admired.

I inherited skills from my Dad.

The list could go on and on but this day, the first day of my 58th year, I’m thankful for my inheritance of you. The people who read my silly little ramblings.

The people who fill my home. I could never begin to say what you mean to me.

My sons who live afar. Never underestimate my love for you.

The family so far away. While we don’t speak often, you are part of my heart.

The friends who fill my life with so much joy. You know who you are.

I will read and appreciate every birthday wish today. We will enjoy chili cheese dogs and s’mores around the fire tonight because it’s my birthday tradition.

This is a big year.

Every year is big and I don’t want to waste a moment.

Here’s to 58!


About Charmadawn

Jesus lover 💜 Wife of Steve for 36 years 💜 Mom to 2 grown kiddos 💜 BB to grandsons Jack, Luke and Patrick Joseph 💜5 years ago we purchased, Rescued and Restored a 118 year old farmhouse and we live together as a multigenerational household. Come follow our crazy. Isaiah 54:7
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