The almost metal cabinet

I had a plan all along that I wanted a cabinet in my bathroom.

As big as the bathroom is, there is limited space for towels and that kind of stuff.

The second thing I knew was I wanted it to look metal.

I looked through the dreaded PINTEREST and found a few metal cabinets that I loved. However the prices…………are you kidding me? No way. Absolutely no way.

When Mom and Dad moved to Ocala, they bought an estate house. It was completely full of furniture. Prior to the sale, I was allowed to wander through and pick out things that I wanted.

This 2 piece brown cabinet was in the kitchen. I am not sure what it was used for but it had a mid-century look and I thought I might be able to give it a new life. Abandoned Furniture was pretty busy and I grabbed it to sell. It’s laminate and not the prettiest but it had potential. That was 3 years ago and many moves but it survived and ended up in the hoard.

Here is the base. 2 doors slide with 2 drawers.


This is the top piece. There are two pieces of glass (somewhere) that slide. It looks like I might have used this piece to paint on. It’s a mess but I have a plan.


I pulled the pieces from the hoard and cleaned them up. I still haven’t found the glass.

Step 1 includes primer. Can you paint laminate? Of course you can!! Don’t be scared. As long as it’s clean and primed, paint will stick. I promise.


Step 2 includes silver paint.

I had left over silver paint from something. It doesn’t have to be specific, special silver paint. Just get some. Be brave. Paint.


Step 3: I totally forgot to take pictures……….

Grab a can of stain. A dark color. A sample can is perfect and a rag. This part only takes a little. Don’t forget your rubber gloves.


Open the can

Dip the rag into the can, not too much

Smear it on the paint.

Rub it off.

I promise that’s it. Super simple and look what you get:)


Add some handles (I’m still looking for the knobs), fill it up (yeah I’m working on that part too) Β and there you go. Now go find you a piece and get started.


the girl who will be having a gender reveal for her sweet blueberry on Thursday.



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