We Waited for You

Today is your birthday!!!

Mommy was 4 days overdue and we were all very anxiously awaiting you. We all trust in God’s plan and know that your birthday will happen when it’s supposed to happen but we were really tired of waiting for you.

Last night, August 21st around 10pm mommy shares that her contractions are 10 minutes apart but they aren’t very consistent and then an hour or so later, Daddy said that the contractions were irregular again. We all tried to get some sleep. At 5am daddy wakes up BB and Papa and mommy’s contractions are 5 minutes apart and you are on your way. Uncle Kyle is called so he can get here before you arrive. Nana was woken and the rest of the family is notified that today will be your birthday!!

Around 5:30am the midwives arrive. The sounds of labor bring back so many memories. It’s seems like childbirth was just yesterday and not more than two years ago. This old house has seen so much life in it’s time.

At 5:48am the pool is put up in the downstairs bathroom.

I tear up as I hear the moans of labor. I pray and thank God for the gift of life. The gift of a woman’s body who can carry a baby and then deliver it into the world. I pray for my baby, your Mommy as she hurts even at 33 years old.

I pray for the midwives who have become our friends. They rub her back, they time contractions, they watch, they care. As skeptical I was this time 2 years ago, my confidence in their abilities…..I have zero doubt. They are companionate and they care for her. It takes a special person to be a midwife. That statement I also have no doubt.

At 6:30am Mommy is 8cm dialated

At 6:48 the tears roll as I wait and watch. I can’t wait to meet you. Your brother Jack and I have been practicing Happy Birthday to you, new baby, and we have a cake.

7:00am comes and I listen as Mommy prays. She prays in Latin and it is so beautiful. I learn later that she was praying the Lords Prayer.

The women pray over her. They pray with her. It’s an incredible picture of strength as I watch my friend give love and encouragement to my child as she labors. I watch as she gathers her face in her own hands and calmly instructs her. She lives through her actions and I know how passionate she is about her job. It might pay her bills but it’s so much more than a job to those who are in your presence.

The next two hours are a blur. There is moaning and struggling to bring you, sweet baby into the world. Birth is a blessed event and I am so honored to be apart of yours.

Mommy is in the pool. She turns over because it’s more comfortable for her to be on her hands and knees. As she pushes you into the world, she grabs beneath the water and raises you from the water.

We finally get to see what gender you are. It has been a surprise and what a surprise you were. A BOY!!!

Mommy raised you high and looked into your eyes…… she then looks at Daddy and says “I knew he was a boy and you were wrong!” This sassiness from Mommy is rare and we all burst into laughter.

As our friends tended to Mommy, your brother and I went outside to play. We have talked about you, baby brother for so long but Jack is only two and didn’t really understand who or what you were.

We put our feet in the pool and we blew bubbles

It was time for everyone to meet you.

Your big brother was so shy. He wasn’t sure what to do but just give him some time. You will be best friends.

Uncle Kyle is everyone’s favorite

Papa got a turn

Nana (great-grandmother) with her two little boys

Luke Ambrose Vernon Wissinger

9 pounds 2 ounces

21 1/2″ long

You enter into a home full of love.

You are honored to have your great grandfathers middle name and you will know one day how much he would have loved you.

You will be cared for by your loving and devoted parents.

You will be played with and be the best buddy of your brother Jack

Your grandparents, maternal and paternal will guide and treasure you for all of our days

Your uncles and aunts will be some of your favorite people in the whole world

You will have extended family and friends who you will think they are blood relatives because of the way they love you.

You are a gift from God and we will never forget it.

Welcome to the family little man.

P.S. no one guessed your birthday. You surprised us all

About Charmadawn

Jesus lover šŸ’œ Wife of Steve for 36 years šŸ’œ Mom to 2 grown kiddos šŸ’œ BB to grandsons Jack, Luke and Patrick Joseph šŸ’œ5 years ago we purchased, Rescued and Restored a 118 year old farmhouse and we live together as a multigenerational household. Come follow our crazy. Isaiah 54:7
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1 Response to We Waited for You

  1. Dave Layman says:

    Awesome, what a precious moment for the entire family. Welcome to the world young man. You are loved and treasured by all of your family.


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